Ian August

Artistic Statement

I’ve always been a storyteller. Anyone who starts a conversation with me realizes too late they have given me an excuse to monologue. It’s only recently I’ve begun to understand the implications of that power—because yes, storytelling is a power. It can change minds, it can sway perspectives, it can enlighten and it can obfuscate. Storytelling can be used for good or evil. And every writer must make the decision: What are the messages we want to champion? Who are we writing for today? Who will we be writing for tomorrow?

My muse has often been found in the intersection of history and social activism—most frequently regarding issues of the LGBTQ community, but not exclusively. My works are diverse and multi-layered, each play an attempt at marrying form and content—style and substance—in order to invent an audience experience that will be entertaining, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally fulfilling. I am attempting, as much as I can, to use my storytelling ability to tell stories of healing, redemption, and love. I am trying to use my power for good.

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Ian August


Playwright Bio

The playwright deep in thought.

The playwright deep in thought.

Ian August is a NJ based playwright and lyricist, whose works have been performed across the U.S., as well as in Canada, Australia, the UK, South Korea and Bermuda.  Full-length plays include: The Excavation of Mary Anning (Winner, 2018 Ashland New Plays Festival and 2018 DVRF New Playwright Program), Interviewese (Winner Garry Marshall Theatre New Works Fest, Finalist New Comedy Fest B Street Theatre), The Goldilocks Zone, (Passage Theatre Company, Semi-Finalist 2015 O’Neill Conference), Donna Orbits the Moon (NJ Repertory Company, Utah Contemporary Theatre; Barbour Memorial Playwright Award, 2011), Missing Celia Rose (NYC Summer Play Festival; Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s “Playfest 2009″; Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society), Submitted by C. Randall McCloskey (2011 NY Intl. Fringe Festival), The Aisling (Winner 2009 Heiress Productions New Play Series), The Moor’s Son, Brisé, and Cobbler.  Mr. August’s YA play, Parker and the City in the Sea, debuted at the 71st Edinburgh International Fringe Festival in the summer of 2018.

Other works have been published by Samuel French, Inc., The Pitkin Review, Smith and Kraus Publishing and the One-Act Play Depot.  Mr. August is a founding member of the Princeton-based playwriting collective, the Witherspoon Circle, and is a graduated member of the Philadelphia playwriting workshop, The Foundry. He has an MFA from Goddard College, and is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America.


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