Awards and Press

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2018 / 2019 Awards

  • SELECTION - 2019 Great Plains Theatre Conference (Brisé)

  • FINALIST - 2019 B Street Theatre New Comedy Festival (Cobbler)

  • WINNER - 2018 Ashland New Plays Festival (The Excavation of Mary Anning)

  • WINNER - 2018 Garry Marshall New Works Festival (Interviewese)

  • WINNER - 2018 Dennis and Victoria Ross Foundation New Playwright Program (The Excavation of Mary Anning)

  • WINNER - Judge’s Prize for Best New Play at Tomo Suru’s 2018 Short Play Festival (Compelling Spencer)

  • FINALIST - 2017 Hidden River Arts Playwriting Award (The Excavation of Mary Anning)

  • FINALIST - 2018 UCF Pegasus New Play Festival (The Excavation of Mary Anning)

  • FINALIST - 2018 B Street Theatre New Comedy Festival (Interviewese)

  • FINALIST - 2018 City Theatre Short Play Award (Frozen Foods)

  • SEMI-FINALIST - 2018 Eugene O’Neill National Playwriting Conference (The Excavation of Mary Anning)


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Missing Celia Rose

Orlando Shakespeare Theatre

I think Ian August’s elegant, elegiac script has “potential future classic” written all over it.  This dreamlike memory-play conjours up a mythical Georgian town, whose geographical isolation made it a island of racial harmony in 1921. I wouldn’t want to reveal the plots secrets, but suffice to say the author has a Faulkner-esque grasp of the poetry and pathos of the southern gothic. The show is a bit like if Tennessee Williams wrote Our Town.  And I mean that in a good way. Orlando Weekly, 1/31/2008

Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society

This play’s strengths lie in its intricate, poetic language. Missing Celia Rose is a masterpiece. Bermuda Sun, 5/20/2009 


Submitted by C. Randall McCloskey

NY Intl. Fringe Festival

Mad hijinks and crazy situations ensue in Ian August’s absolutely hysterical and outrageously unique new comedy Submitted by C. Randall McCloskey.  This is a highly entertaining and very funny show, although I’d imagine the humor may not be for everyone. But I’m not ashamed to say I laughed my ass off., 8/17/2011

Donna Orbits the Moon

NJ Repertory Company 

The play is good. It's mysterious and emotionally moving, with a generous smattering of humor., 9/12/2011

A worthwhile afternoon or evening of theater from an actor turned playwright who, like Ibsen and Shaw, finds the humanity in small domestic corners. The Mirror, 9/11/2011

At this post-Space Shuttle moment in time — a moment in which too many Americans feel permanently grounded in lives spent fending off earthly catastrophes and marking grim anniversaries — August... ha[s] crafted a modestly scaled meditation on the devastation of despair and the power of hope; one that suggests we may have lost our cold and dusty moon, but we've regained the ability to wish upon a star. Asbury Park Press, 9/11/2011

There is something sweet and vulnerable yet cosmic about Donna and her plight that reminded me of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's plucky Little Prince. And I think the production team intended this resemblance. The small protagonist, face upturned in the dark to a black sky studded with wondrous dots of light, adrift and floating—a beautiful image. It matters not at all that Donna is a woman of middle age, her spaceship an old recliner, and her universe lined with clutter. August tells us, and Gallo and Geller show us, that there is profundity in muddle and Middle America and midlife. This is a play that discovers and celebrates the cracks in the façade, the unknowable in the ordinary, the humanity in the humble., 9/8/2011


The Goldilocks Zone

Passage Theatre Company

August’s complex structure of direct address monologues, couples’ dialogues, and alternating parallel discussions requires precise timing in both the direction and delivery of the script, and (the) director... and his cast don’t miss a beat., 5/19/2015

 Ian August calls his play “The Goldilocks Zone” and uses the scientific term as a metaphor for several parallel situations that aren’t aligning in perfect harmony in his smart, detailed, thoughtful and topical comedy having its world premiere at Trenton’s Passage Theatre., 5/26/15




Features and Interviews



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